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Pro-Tector™ is our state-of-the-art digital security tool that uses up to 80 sources to scan domain names for cyber security weaknesses. Commonly found vulnerabilities include breached emails, CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures), compromised passwords, open ports and leaks of critical personal and business information. The more often we scan your domains, the more likely we are to detect and report potential risks. We recommend frequent scanning, ideally weekly.

We provide comprehensive reports on identified issues, as often as you choose to receive them. Reporting will include the categories of detected threats to your digital setups, the number of occurrences, and recommended resolutions. You can then choose to work with us on mitigating these risks and installing checks to prevent recurrence.
As experts in the domain security space, we provide an end-to-end service that includes identification, reporting as well as elimination and measures for futuristic protection from risks. Costly data breaches can be uprooted at source if your domain is monitored regularly and cleared of vulnerabilities. Cyber Toa provides continuous assurance protection of your security needs via the Pro-Tector™ SaaS tool.

New dangers can crop up at any time, so regular scans are recommended for best results and optimal security. Open ports that require patching, security header issues, and server vulnerabilities among others need to be nipped in the bud before they cost you your business and personal information. Contact us today for more information and bespoke services and pricing, based on your requirements and our recommendations.

A little about us

We are Cyber Toa, a Kiwi technology services provider based in Wellington. Pro-Tector™ is our latest security product offering, built on a sound foundation of our decades-old expertise in the cyber security services arena. We have been offering similar services across various sectors including the intelligence and defence industries over a 35-year period.

We also endeavour to mitigate the global shortage of skilled cyber security professionals via a range of technical and non-technical cyber security courses to help up-skill you and your staff to meet this demand.

Why Pro-Tector™ for Digital Security?

Ongoing monitoring
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Mitigation advice
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Our Mission
In this ever-shrinking world fuelled by easy, quick and often cheap access to data and information about individuals, organisations and government bodies, cyber security has never been more crucial. While technology is making lives easier, it is also endangering privacy and safety, which needs to be addressed on a constant basis.
Cyber Toa and Pro-Tector™ aspire to make the use of technology a safe, comfortable and beneficial experience for individuals as well as business entities.


Take a look at our sample report – a comprehensive document that includes details of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, and several other potential risk factors. This report serves as your Cyber Health Index that can be utilised for high-level decision making on security matters by your Leadership Teams, IT professionals, and Data Scientists.
For Leadership Teams
For IT Professionals
Health Index
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
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